UFO Sighting in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Île-de-France on 2017-07-13 23:25:00 – I saw this object fly with a red dot that blinked steadily so i thought it was a plane. then the object went at an ultra fast speed on the right then on the left. always blinking. then the object stayed in place…

1. i was at home watching the fireworks for july 14 at my window.
2. i call my girlfriend to tell her what i saw cause my phone has a broken cam. i describe to her the red point in the sky.
3. i thought that was a plane cause the red light is the plane light and the plane have the same sequential red light.
4. it looks like a red circle maybe more like a small cone. not a perfect circle. at the beginning, before i took my laptop to film the object i watch it during 5 minutes. it was like he is watching the fireworks or wondering what was going on here. he remained until the end of the fireworks and moved to the right and left very quickly. he stopped and went back to my right. then i thought i needed proof of what i was seeing. i turned on my macbook pro and turned on photobooth. it was right in the middle of my field of vision at the beginning of my video. the distances are not well understood because i move a lot, but the object is mounted very high at the level of the clouds. it blinks 2 or 3 times and has flashing stop disappearing from my field of view.

to be perfectly honnest on what i send. i adjust contrast to see the red object because it’s record the night with a macbook pro cam and without more contrast we don’t see the red point well.

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