UFO Sighting in Greer, South Carolina on 2017-07-13 22:05:00 – Brilliant sphere of light travelling very fast. lit up solitary cloud and vanished

I don’t know if you received my first report as my wireless connection died as i was in the process of sending it.

i was sky watching on my deck with my cat for company. it was a clear night with a few clouds. there was some scattered heat lightning away to the north but no thunder and no wind.

out of my peripheral vision, a brilliant ball of light, like a miniature sun, literally materialized in the sky and shot behind a solitary cloud. the cloud was illuminated brightly as if from within but, as i recall now, there was no real aura around it. there was no sound and no ozone in the air as there is when lightning is nearby.

i thought at first that it was ball lightning but i have never seen this phenomenon before so i can’t say for sure. i thought it prudent to contact mufon just in case i’d seen a ufo.

the ball moved very quickly over a short distance. there was no tail, no flickering as there is with lightening. it was as if someone switched on a giant arc light within the cloud then switched it off again. it left an impression on my retina for several minutes.

i hope this helps add to your research. please contact me if i can be of any further help.



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