UFO Sighting in Northport, New York on 2005-08-01 00:00:00 – Observed a uso rise from bay area and take off.

I was renting a home on the beach in asharoken, ny and it was a perhaps stormy summer. we heard a bang across the bay, lightening and sounded like a transformer or something may have exploded. but miles away across the bay. it was unusual. my son, who was in
high school and highly intellligemt, and myself an rn, raced to the front windows facing the bay which leads into long island sound and is directly across from the vanderbilt museum, to see what was going on. we expected lightening and a storm. we observed directly across the bay, maybe a mile or so, a silentless object rising out of the water, helicopter like, which was unusual because everything echoes across the bay, but nothing. it rose up vertically like a helicopter with no noise. bright lights. and then in split seconds took off in a nw direction at at least a 30 degree angle at split second speed. it was gone faster than we could comprehend. we literally looked at each other in disbelief and i said we will never speak of this again. it was so bizarre to see something your mind can’t comprehend as fast as you are trying to comprehend just what the heck happened. we both agreed not to speak of it again. it was something that entered our minds at the same time. of course i have since discussed it.

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