UFO Sighting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 2017-07-14 19:30:00 – Extremely bright light that hovered then moved horizontally then ascended and disappeared.

I walked out of my back door and looked nw. it was a beautiful day, no clouds and the sun was still up, too early to see stars. i saw an extremely bright light in the sky, too low to be a plane but too high to be anything tethered to the ground. it remained still for about 30 seconds as i stared at it, then began to move in a straight line rather slowly. i started to pull out my phone and when i looked back it had begun to get smaller as if it were ascending in the atmosphere then it was gone. it was an incredibly bright light and left no trails. at first i thought it was a star, but then it started to move so i thought it was a plane but it couldn’t have been because it disappeared when i pulled my phone out.

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