UFO Sighting in Charter Township of Clinton, Michigan on 2017-07-15 23:00:00 – Large ship appeared in sky: had a dark mist under it and over 15 lights either on or around it. opened a portal at first started as bright green sqaures opening up in the sky one at a time til a diamond of light formed like a portal. then it vanished

Large ship appeared above a dark mist about a mile in the sky around 10:30 pm. the ship appeared to have about 10-15 lights around it or on it.The event took place for about 15 seconds. the large craft was sitting in one place in the sky and seemed to get brighter then a portal began to open up one square of light at a time like a light disco floor. til a diamond shape of light was objected from the craft then the portal was open and it vanished through it. a photo has been taken and i would like to share with someone that can be trusted. you can clearly depict the large mothership in the photo and see the portal it created right before leaving.

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