UFO Sighting in Richmond, Virginia on 2017-07-08 07:00:00 – My daughter took pics of her take off and i noticed orbs of light in her pics.

My daughter (10y/o) just came home from her summer vacation with her godmother. i was not with her, she took her cell phone and took pics of the plane taking off. this was her time on a plane, she was so excited to show me the wings of the plane and the pretty clouds. i have attached the photos at the bottom. she didn’t even notice these bizzare lights…But of course, i did. these lights are very weird and there is no explaination from my based knowledge. because i was not with her, i cannot anwer most of the questions you asked above, so i am hoping you could help identify what this is. they came from her cell phone. it is a cheap phone, i sent the pictures to my email, downloaded it and am sending to you now. i watch your show all the time and know that you all could figure it out.

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