UFO Sighting in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 2017-06-10 22:25:00 – I was sitting on my porch and observed a object flying upward into the sky. i then started recording the object with my cellphone.

On june 10, 2017 i was at home sitting on my porch looking at the star in the sky. i then noticed a big ball of light ascending upward into the sky. i first thought it was a star until i noticed that it was flying very fast. so i took out my cell phone and i started to record and the event. this object was big. it looked like a ball of glowing soild light. i watched the object fly upward for about 20 second then it disappeared. then it reappeared after 2 second going a different direction. i continued to record the object flying again. everytime it disappeared, it would reappeared after 3 seconds. the object seemed to stop and changed directions. on my video you can actually see another object that seem to be flying in different directions as well. almost as if the two objects were playing with each other. i then continued to record until the big ball of light disappeared for good. after the object disappeared for the last time, i sat on my porch, looking in the sky for the object to reappear. but it never did. i really couldn’t believe what i had just witnessed.

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