UFO Sighting in Amsterdam, New York on 2017-07-16 16:35:00 – Riding in a vehicle and saw a black object flying in the sky the object was shaped like a skinny rectangle

I was riding in a vehicle coming home from a restaurant. i was looking at the sky through the sun roof. we were just leaving the city of amsterdam. we were driving on route 5 heading east bound towards schenectady. i noticed this black object flying in the sky. it didn’t look like an airplane because it didn’t have wings and it was black. the object was very high in the sky just below the clouds. it was visible so that meant it had to be huge. the object appeared to kinda be rectangular in shape. it was flying west very very slowly. it was going a lot slower than an airplane. i felt excited because i am very interested in space and planets and stars. i recorded the object. i took my eyes off it and looked at my phone to make sure it recorded well. when i looked back up it had disappeared. it was no where in sight in the sky.

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