UFO Sighting in Evans, Colorado on 2017-06-18 12:54:00 – Seen many of them. see the video to describe for yourself

My roommate and i were in a hurry to go somewhere i don’t remember where we were going but i remember we were kind of in a hurry because i think someone was waiting on us this was a little after noon . so we go outside to get in the car and me being me i always look up in the sky as i was waiting for the roommate because i was out the door first and he was setting the house alarm. so looking up and this thing comes out of nowhere i watch it for about a minute or so then the roommate comes out and i tell him to look up he looks and he thinks it’s a plastic bag and i told him no that it was to high up to see a plastic bag and we wouldn’t see it . then a second one pops up from the west they get closer to each other then the second one disappear meanwhile the first one turns around and heads north east this is when the airplane flys over so i took video and pictures. the only other thing that i can say is there was cotton in the air that day but was hard to pick up on the camera sometimes you can see it in the film. other than that i don’t think there is much else to report on that. thank you for your time.

from: daniel delgado

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