UFO Sighting in Oakdale, New York on 2017-07-16 21:30:00 – Went into yard in pitch dark sky then saw object bouncing across sky.

1.I was at home and went to yard to look at sky.

2.It was all of a sudden pitch dark out. the amount of stars in the sky startled me. i was in awe at the clarity and amount of stars i was witnessing.

3.I thought what i was seeing at first was a shooting star but when the object stopped and started to bounce.

4. it started off looking like a shooting star, but at a certain point in the sky it stopped and started bouncing in the sky from left to right.

5.I felt electric in the air. my hair was standing on it end. i was filming it with my cellphone and i felt like there was someone watching me but i couldnt shake this electric feeling.

6. the object just bounced and floated beyond my eyesight behind some homes but very high in the sky.

after filming this event, i entered my home and walked up to my wife and felt a jolt of electric go through my mouth and come out my foot. it wasnt till the next day that i noticed i had a scare on my foot.

i have a photo of the scare. i have video of the event .

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