Black Triangle Sighting in St. Louis, Missouri on 2010-11-24 20:30:00 – Dark triangle with 3 green lights on the corners and a red pulsating light on the rear end.

I was outside my apartment looking for satellites when i saw the object. it was a dark and triangle shaped. it had 3 greenish white lights on the corners and a red pulsating light on the back end. it made no noise. it was flying across the sky in a straight line effortlessly. it reminded me of how an air hockey puck slides across an air hockey table. it appeared to be flying fairly low to the ground. the green lights, though not very bright, had a fuzzy haze around their edge that made them hard to look at. i watched it for about 8-10 seconds until it appeared to vanish into thin air. shook up, i went inside and locked all my doors. a few years later i started a job inspecting aerospace parts, mostly military, for cracks under uv lights. it dawned on me recently when inspecting titanium parts under a uv light, i see the same fuzzy haze effect that the object had. this fuzz effect very hard on the eyes, so we use uv blocking glasses to inspect titanium parts. if the lights on the craft were uv and if the craft was made of titanium, it would explain the this fuzz i witnessed. i thought what i saw that night could very possibly be military. i informed my manager that i may have solved the mystery of this craft i saw. he responded by telling me that if it was military, that it would most likely be painted and you wouldn’t be able to see any fuzz and that titanium parts are almost always internal. i also have never heard of a ufo with a sweet paint job, either. i started thinking about titanium in general. it’s the strongest metal on earth, it doesn’t corrode, and it would probably be the best material to use for an anti-gravity interstellar craft traveling long distances.

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