UFO Sighting in McClelland, Iowa on 2017-07-19 16:25:00 – Was in house, everything went dark for 1 second.

I was sitting in living room watching tv. it was about 4:25 in the afternoon. all of a sudden, the house went dark, from no sunlight coming into the windows. my daughter was in the kitchen at the time and asked me, what was that. i jumped up and went outside immediately to see what couldve caused it. i found nothing in the sky that would have caused a shadow
no clouds today, and no planes visible. also, totally silent outside. no motor or jet noises
i believe whatever it was had to be huge to cast a shadow large enough to darken the whole house at once. also, had to be moving very fast as the entire incident lasted 1 second. i do not believe it was a cloud, because it did not darken gradually, it was instantaneous. and again,no clouds in sky, wind was about 10 mph today.

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