UFO Sighting in Jasper, Alabama on 1984-02-15 20:30:00 – Went down,up to exact place, strait toward us about 30mph ,300to500ft over head

Went to lake to go parking,two army buddies took two ladies parking.As we pulled up with lake in front of car driver saw bright light about 30deg.Up and about 10mi.Away.The light went strait down out of sight about 30sec.Them strait back to same spot first seen.It didn’t move for a few min.It started moving strait toward us very slowly,me and army buddie thought it was a helicopter ,we all 4 got out of car going to front of car for best view,when it got to far side of lake,about 150yrds away,we thought we should start hearing the blades and motor,it had one large round light in front;as it got closer we saw its shape,from light in front to the rear its shaped like teardrop about three school busses long at wide point at rear about three school busses and at rear in the rounded corners looked like 4 little circles of a blue flame ,torch like looking.It was flat on bottom and black.It went directly over my right shoulder keeping same speed and height until it went out of sight.It made no sound and as it went over us i had a feeling that whatever it was didnt worrie about us seeing it like we are nothing to it.My army buddie told me we can’t tell anyone about what we just saw because we could lose our top secret security clearances and possibly get kicked out of seventh group,we were both radio operators.So now that we are both out can i tell our sighting

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