UFO Sighting in Monroe, Washington on 2017-02-06 01:00:00 – 1 vehicle sized orange orb come from pudget sound water into the sky then fly away, 1 a min for 30min

I work outside on the graveyard shift. on a clear february night, appx 1am, i noticed a relatively large orange orb in the sky. the orb came from behind a hill appx 1mile away then went into the air appx 1000ft, then hovered for maybe 20seconds. next the orb turned south 45% and flew away, probably as fast as a fighter jet. this exact orb experience happened again once a min for appx 30min. so a total of appx 30 orange orbs doing the same flight pattern, but slightly varied. you could see 1-2 orbs at any one time. after appx 10min two other individuals approached and watch the final 20 or so orbs do the same thing.

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