UFO Sighting in Cork, County Cork on 2017-07-16 01:00:00 – Got telepathic message to look in sky went out ,light app from left to right ,dissapeared, have witness

On the night got telepathic message that i should look up in space and bring my friend .I called him and we went outside the back of the building which faces north. he spotted it first and pointed it out to me. a light slightly bigger than the stars travelling from left to right which would be travelling east. it was low down in space and a little bigger than the stars. it traveled for a little while and when it got straight in front of us it vanished.The message i got said there would be 4 light to see and we kept scanning the rest of space and i thought i saw 3 other lights making movements but i cant be sure of these but the other one was deffinit. my friend thought he saw other move slightly but wasnt sure of this but he was of the other one. it was a beautiful clear night in the sky. a couple of nights before i saw a light over the western star and it did a few formations for me as i was in telepathic contact with the captain named gerrakk . he moved to the left when i asked him to and he made a circle when i asked him to and then he made a shape of a staircase t enthrawl me which he did. thank you john

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