UFO Sighting in Texas on 2017-07-21 20:00:00 – Small silver object hovered then sped away quickly so that it was not visible in less than 30 seconds

My daughter and i were walking in our neighborhood. she pointed up in the air and asked “what’s that?”. i looked and it was a tiny white, star-like object. it was 8:00 pm so the sky was still very blue (no clouds). as i watched it moved slowly from north to south. i am former air force and have seen enough commercial traffic to gauge 30,000 ft. this was a lot higher. i could judge that by the approximate speed of a commercial jet flying at that height normally. so my first thought was “if it’s a jet, it is flying way too high” and while that could account for the slow speed it was moving at but…. it stopped moving at one point. so the rational part of my brain said “okay, maybe it is a jet flying very high and changed direction to be moving away from me so that would give the appearance of it pausing or hovering”. but moving away would make it smaller. it did not get smaller. then it suddenly and rapidly moved south again. after it started moving, it was gone from site within 15 seconds.

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