UFO Sighting in Yuma, Arizona on 2017-07-20 13:27:00 – Spotted a shiny object in sky

While working i noticed a shiny object in sky thinking it was an airplane i didn’t think much of it till it stopped moving . a few seconds later it moved so fast to my left i could barely keep my eye on it . i yelled at a coworker who also saw the event as it slowly descended toad we were looking at it right above the power lines but obviously farther away than the power lines themselves . we then witnessed it abruptly move right in half a blink of the eye a distance i am assuming was well over 20 miles . i managed to get a picture but didn’t have time too get video, the object kinda shook in mid air left right left right then ascended straight up there was no boom or noise admitted and lasted maybe a grand total of 90 seconds

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