UFO Sighting in Brantford, Ontario on 2017-07-22 10:22:00 – It was a pulsating orange light slowly getting dimmer and soon disappearing.

I was at the computer, watching a movie. my window is right beside me. out of the corner of my eye, i see a fire-ball of some sort. it was pulsating. for a moment i thought it was a meteor or something. “no helicopter or plane looks like.. that” i think to myself nervously. i get up and go over to the window to watch it. it keeps pulsing and getting dimmer but then returning to its’ original brightness. it slowly gets darker and darker and i begin to see it fading into the darkness of the night. it was a strange event and it worried me a bit. i immediately looked this type of ufo up and researched because i hadn’t seen this type before. this has also happened on the first of july (i’m in canada.) i was at the park launching fireworks when i noticed the same type of object that was a fiery orange and red fly across the sky. there were about four or five of them. they all travelled some space apart in the air from each-other. they appeared to slowly descend and land and i didn’t see anything else after they did. the ufo that i’ve just witnessed did not necessarily land, but dimmed its’ lights enough so that i couldn’t see it anymore. i do not know if it landed or not.

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