UFO Sighting in Roswell, New Mexico on 2017-07-19 23:30:00 – Driving through roswell she became we noticed strange light pattern in horizons to left of our cart hence to the right of our car

We were driving through roswell at approximately 11:30 pm on our way to santa fe on us hwy 285. my daughter noticed a flashing sequential light pattern to our right in the woods. the white lights were dancing around and when we felt like we were driving up on them they would move out of reach. there was also a light red light that appeared to be floating around.
we thought it may be someone playing with a laser light beam but the way it swooshed past us was unexplainable.
we videotaped it and kept driving trying to catch up to it and it kept dropping around in different locations. at one point it moved to the other side of highway

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