Alien Encounter in Queens Village, New York on 2012-10-12 15:05:00 – An entity that followed me.

Before all of this happened, my friend talked about “slender man”. for a few days, i continued to have panic attacks thinking about it. couple days later my mother asked me to buy a groceries, and to take out money from the bank. i went to a store which was across the street from the bank and brought the items, and i noticed there was a tall slender male, in a really nice black suit with a hat. his skin was pale, his facial features i cannot remember, he was staring at me as well; thought to myself “that’s really weird” and was a bit nervous. i crossed the street and entered the bank, continued to think about that weird man, and went to see if he was still by the store while i took money out from the atm. to my surprise, he was in front of the door by the side of the bank outside. that’s when i became terrified, and told myself “if he comes to me or does any thing, i’m knocking his flip;ing head off” implying i would punch him as hard as i could and keep hitting him. when i got the money and turned back around to see, he was gone. from that day forward, i have not had a panic attack of “slender man”.

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