UFO Sighting in Maywood, Illinois on 2015-10-05 00:00:00 – I saw. at lease 15 or more ufos

I was in my back yard i happened to look up north west there they were it was at lease 15 or more. the way they were moving i thought they were ballooned they were moving up down side ways as if they were playing they were different shapes some were skillet like with rods sticking out the back some had wings like birds i knew they were larger than i could see because a pasenger plane went right pass them just a little north gong to. o’hara field the wing ones was just as large i ran to my truck to get a camera. the truck was locked i ran to get my keys i took several pictures then i ran to the front of my house to find some one to see them no one. was there i ran down the street. there was no one then i went to my neighbors she was there. i looked back to see if they were still there i could see one the largest one i told here to watch she says i can see it it was silver in color. it looked like one of the wings came off an shot to the north east and came right back looked like it hooked up and then shot straight up. it seemed to be about six blocks away from us. hovering ove the 290 express way near 5 the ave. in maywood i’ll. i had recently seen other ufos a. a cigar shaper one in broad view i’ll. near hines va. hospital that exploded in to a bright lighti thought it was falling it did not it went back in the direction it came in forest park ill about a month before that i saw a chimney shaped ufo i went on line to see if any one else saw it sure enough some one saw the same thing except the one that i saw had two parts the tall one with a short one attached to the bottom i was about blocks from it it was silver and white with vertical bricks on both i would like to be hypmatized. i think there were wires or rods sticking out no windows or sound it wobbled like it was adjusting it self then it dropped about a foot an turned. like it was going around the block or landing in a parking lot right below it i was in traffic i could not turn right where it wasi had to turn left i figured if it was a ufo some one would report it. i have seen others with witness it’s no big deal now.

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