UFO Sighting in Darwin, California on 2017-07-22 21:22:00 – Light traveling in a wiggly line from sse to ene direction in death valley

I noticed it in the south south-eastern sky and it was heading east northeast, towards the center of death valley national park. i was very near panamint springs, where the 190 and panamint valley rd. intersect approximately. i was a mile or so from panamint springs resort doing some stargazing. i had just turned looking to the south in the direction of saturn/sagittarius when a moving light caught my attention.

it was a solid light, nothing was blinking on it, but it did appear to pulsate a bit. it made no sound. and it was stopping and starting, and moving not in a direct line but in a squiggly/”s” type of movement. it was traveling from the sse to the ene however. it definitely seemed to be in our atmosphere, but it was pretty high up. i’d imagine it was far too high up to be a drone, and it traveled quite far to be a drone. drones are also banned in the park and it was dark, so i think that rules it out as a hobby drone. perhaps the military has something else.

and it wasn’t coming in for a landing, but staying at its altitude and slowly faded away as it moved to the northeast. given there are several military installations and testing grounds nearby, it has to be something from one of them. but you never know. i tried to rationalize it as a military craft or perhaps a hobby drone, but the drone i think is not correct.

as to whether it was a plane or a helicopter. definitely not. it’s wiggly movement rules out a plane, and it made no noise. if it were a helicopter, why no noise? also the wiggly movement is too much for even a helicopter, unless it was completely out of control.

it’s not a satellite or shooting star.

could it have been a balloon? maybe. but why was it lit up? and it’s wiggly movement was still a bit too much for that.

sorry for the movement in my videos, but i only had my cell camera and it was surprisingly difficult to hold the camera still. the movement is exaggerated in the video but it is true to what it was.

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