UFO Sighting in Findlay, Ohio on 2017-07-25 21:50:00 – It was a bright light and it hovered, flew and zigzagged then it took off fast.

I was taking my dog outside and was looking up at the stars and such like i normally do. i happened to see what i thought was a really bright star, i didn’t think anything of it. i noticed it started moving ne and it was snaking and zigzagging, and then it just hovered for a few more moments and then it continued ne a lot faster than it was moving previously. i lost sight of it when it flew far enough out past the trees. i was a little startled because i knew it couldn’t have been a plane or a helicopter because they don’t move like that and helicopters, and planes have flashing lights, while this was just a solid light like a star, but a lot brighter.

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