UFO Sighting in Wasaga Beach, Ontario on 2017-07-25 23:00:00 – See below

25 july 2017 about 11pm.

sky clear – lots of stars (i was out taking the dog for its late-evening walk). i was walking towards the junction of stonebridge boulevard and river road east in wasaga beach, ontario, ie, towards the river and the lake beyond which were both out of sight.

looking north-west, appeared to be three close, equally-spaced unblinking orange lights. seen slightly to the left (west) of the end of the ‘handle’ of the ‘big dipper’ and between it and the ground, travelling slowly, steadily, approximately north-north west. after a few moments in sight of the observer the lights disappeared abruptly for no obvious reason (did not pass behind obvious obstruction). a watch was kept for some minutes but the lights did not reappear.

almost certainly not a firework.
could it have been a drone – conceivably, but seems very unlikely and i think not.
could it have been a normal aircraft – no, the lights were not arranged in a pattern, or of a colour, or unblinking (continuously visible), as typical with normal man-made aircraft, so i would say not.
size and speed could not be determined due to lack of suitable reference features.
not possible to say whether in level flight or climbing, but thought to definitely not be in descending flight.
other than my being unable to ascertain the precise nature of the phenomenon, or to account for the unusual colour, or lack of typical aircraft ‘blinking’, and sudden disappearance, the object/lights exhibited no other definitely attention-getting characteristic.
uncertain whether the phenomenon appeared suddenly or whether i just happened to catch sight of it at that moment.
no physical features of the object were visible.

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