UFO Sighting in Levering, Michigan on 2013-06-01 00:00:00 – Witnessed what i thought to be a solar-type rainbow but aura had teardop shapes inside. considered it to be natural phenomenon.

On this particular afternoon, i was in my front yard in levering, michigan. i noticed what i thought was a perfect circular aura rainbow when i also watched teardrop shapes form within the aura. at first glance, i figured it was natural but the shapes appeared to slightly change form and position. the weather that day was not out of the ordinary, maybe humid. since it was an interesting scene, i decided to take photos thinking that i was getting an unusual demonstration from the sun and atmosphere. the interior “teardrop” forms appeared to roll slightly when observed by eye. i was disappointed in my first shot (taken by a cell phone) so i took a couple more photos. these pictures are from the front yard of the property but the expanse of the subject is very large. i have two very clear pictures of this object. it is not the object itrised me. there is another “white orb” object that has moved in direction within the frames and a clear change in the larger object in shape and color in this time frame. (a smaller object moving within the expanse of the larger one.) this is all very bizarre to me. my other witness was my fiance that seemed very unimpressed with the event. however, the photos exhibit the object and at least one other inclusion to be considered; aside from the obvious changes is the larger object in response to the other in the images. i’m hoping this can be explained as a light refraction phenomenon but it’s too interesting to dismiss. i have sat on these pictures for a long time, too embarrassed to share them but id rather be wrong than right. -jde if you wish to take this seriously, feel free to contact me but only on a confidential basis. thank you.

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