Black Triangle Sighting in Boulder City, Arizona on 2017-07-09 22:58:00 – triangle of lights dropping flashing orbs

I was headed toward las vegas on highway 93. i noticed a bright light in the distance and thought it was a plane. after traveling for sometime i noticed that it had not moved. two more lights turned on, forming a triangle. it hovered above the mountain range. for some reason, i felt like i shouldn’t have been looking at it. that’s when i decided to take a short video which i posted on facebook. right after i started recording video a small flashing orb began to fall from it. as the road begin to wind more, i could not continue to watch the object. about a week and a half from that day, i was going through photos to delete and make space when i came across the video. i had honestly forgotten that i had taken it. the small blue light on the left side in the video is a reflection of the led on the charger of my phone.

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