UFO Sighting in Bellflower, California on 2011-07-30 00:00:00 – Glowing orb coming forward making infinity motion stops when i wave to it call out my friends and it moves directly upwards to space as it pulses to a dot then wooshes out in an ark motion

I was out counseling my friend over the phone at 2 am, i was outside the church, clear night. as we talked i gazed at the trees and an orangy red light as bright as a street lamp rose up as if it was a low helicopter, but it was a circular reddish orb. i think to myself, “that helicopter is very low…” then as it got closer it starts swerving as if it was drunk or joy riding in a half circle loop rotations resembling an infinity symbol as it came forward. i remembered the show ‘sightings’ and how each ufo encounter was silent and with no sound. i took the phone away from my ear….Silence….. this was no helicopter! i quickly told my friend i had to go because i left my stove on and hung up in fear of being ridiculed since i was counseling them. the second i hung up my battery died even tho i had half a battery left. at this moment i take a closer look to see any structure, but all i was able to see was a globe with a light texture resembling a laser light when applied to the nail of your finger. i decided to take a chance and interact. i didn’t have a flash light so i stood in the middle of the street under a street light and waved at it. then it stopped. the orb got bigger/ closer. at this point i ran inside the church office since we were having a sleepover and called out my friends. they came out and also witnessed it. it was still and kept getting smaller and smaller. as it got smaller it pulsed….( i think due to the atmosphere the light seemed pulsing from our perspective ) until it became as tiny as a tiny far star and just did a quick woosh in an ark to the right and it was gone….

after this i would find myself gazing up at the night sky finding stars moving, appearing /disappearing/ pulsing every so often for 2-3 months, but no sighting since then

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