UFO Sighting in Hughes Springs, Texas on 2017-07-27 22:00:00 – Bright, large green glowing object slowly descending from the sky then vanished

My cousin and i were driving from town back to the property both of our houses are on, about 5 miles from town. it was dark out and since the moon is waning and we live in a very rural town it was quite dark. all of a sudden out of no where we both see at the same a large object in the sky. it was glowing green and appeared to be falling slowly, in a descending manner. it was difficult to calculate how far above or how far from us the object was. it couldn’t have been too much higher than the trees though or more than 3 miles away from us. we did not investigate. i thought maybe someone shot off a flare or even a strange bug, but its size was too big. neither of us are sure what we saw but one of my friends suggested reporting to yall.

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