UFO Sighting in Labrador, Queensland on 2017-06-25 08:15:00 – Human et cloud with golden angel et and black ufo with multiple anomalies. they informed me to take the picture before it disappears..

Large human et clouds.
1. golden angel
2.Black ufo
3. human cloud face
4. et cloud face.

i was riding by bike when i got some pressure on the side of my head,then a notion to stop and get off my bike. i look across the broadwater and see multiple discs in formation. i get back on my bike then ride about 1 km then i had the same thing happen again but i could sorta hear ” hurry up it’s fading ” so i quickly got off my bike and took the human et cloud pic..

i think i have some marks on my body. first a triangle but now what looks like orion’s belt. 3 dots in a sort of straight line.. same as the pyramids on my left lower back.

zoom in and you can see , the black ufo with flashing lights and what i know to clearly be what looks like a golden angel or et in the corner of the et cloud.

there are some other things going on in the picture too but difficult to explain.

i think i may be a contactee ,i had multiple expenses but this is one of the latest incidents that i’d like everyone to know , so we can all change for the better !

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