UFO Sighting in Squamish, British Columbia on 2017-07-22 22:59:00 – We watched a large orb move across the sky & into the woods with no sound. trees in front of it blocked the light, while trees behind the object were brightly lit.

Our group has been traveling the word studying & documenting the ufo phenomenon in 11 countries were there with night vision, thermal, full spectrum, infrared & visible cameras & emf detector for the documentary project “making contact: be inspired”.

three of us were at this location to continue the same work, with all the photographic & video equipment, cameras & scopes.

we were just east of squamish, bc, canada on the mamquam river forest service road just north of “the chief”, a granite monolith, the second biggest in the world of this kind, which is considered sacred by the local indigenous people.

we went there because, in speaking with local people earlier that day, they said orbs have been spotted in the past over & near the mountain. we had driven around the whole area to find this somewhat private spot to view the mountain.

i had turned the recording off on all the cameras to check the batteries, how much was left on the cards, etc & was just casually standing around talking to the others when one member of our group said “is that a plane?” it was exactly 10:59 pm.

so just in case it wasn’t a plane, i went to the tripod quickly, hit the record button of the night vision scope fast & found the object in the screen .. there wasn’t any time to turn to do anything else, like hitting the record button of the other cameras on the tripod as i wanted to make sure to keep my eye on the screen of the nv & follow it .. as it turned out there was only 10 secs of video captured of the object before it totally disappeared into the deep woods.

while i watched it go across the sky evenly & on a straight path & into the woods, i noticed right away that trees in the foreground blocked out the light, while the trees behind the orb were lit up very brightly. you can hear me in the video saying “oh”, because when i saw the trees behind it being lit, and there was no sound, i knew this was no airplane.

we were all quite excited & exhilarated over what we had seen & replayed the video many times to study it & confirm to ourselves that we had something special here.

we had arrived at 5 pm that night & left at 2 am the following morning, with this object the only out of place thing being seen.

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