UFO Sighting in Annandale, Minnesota on 2017-07-17 22:00:00 – Several events of flashing light of various intensity along with course change

I apologize that i cannot find the contact information from the gentelmen who interviewed me recently. could you please forward this information to them please:
since our visit, as i promised i would keep a vigilant eye on the sky if you would. i’ve been able to identify what you thought were military satellites.I’ve also seen the iss twice, no mistaking that. in retrospect i can confidently say what i saw was neither of those.

my reason for reaching out today is to in form you of several more instances of oddities in the night sky. on at least four occasions, twice with witnesses, i’ve seen what start out as a bright flash in the sky followed by other flashes of light varying in intensity and clarity. there is no commonality as to where in the sky they begin but event the shortest event (45 sec) consisted of single flashes of light following a somewhat random path. the last one on this wednesday 7/26 began in the se sky moved eastward the turned northward for several minutes until it disappeared from my field of view. as i said, i’ve seen at least five of these lights since we talked. i have witnesses to two. one military aircraft munitions expert who was speechless except to say “what the fudge is that” over and over again.

there were two sightings that were different from the above and honestly quite disturbing to me. on july 7th at 10:15pm and 10:35pm. first just to the ese of my view i saw what looked like a medicine shaped capsule in the sky. it was quite large but still far away. maybe one inch at arms length. it gave off a cloudy white light with a black stripe in it’s center and appeared to be rotating or swirling. as it became more defined the black stripe intensified, it abruptly split in two and vanished. the exact same thing happened that same night in the sky nne of my field of vision.

i can’t possibly be the only one who is observing these event o almost a nightly basis if i want to sit and wait long enough. we look into deep space everyday but who’s watching our own backyard? the dual encounter on the 7th has me really thinking perhaps i need to think about the potential of the unknown.


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