UFO Sighting in Changsha, Hunan on 2016-04-26 00:00:00 – Heard noises like tons of people speaking once, recorded and found strange voices on tape

Not a native english speaker,please parden my writing. it was one night last year when my husband was away. only me at home. suddenly i heard voices like tons of people speaking,i was frightened, and decided to record in order to prove only me alone at home. when i finished recording,i found what i had recorded was completely different sound. it was an indescribable sound wave right through the whole recording with my occasional walking sound. i did not turn on the whole light,so the image was a bit scary. then i saw massive lightening outside window. the unatural massive lightening lightened the whole sky, but it was as low as it was just projecting above the top of the building. in our country,most people live in tall buildings,so as i live on the 13th of a 16 floors building. i couldn’t remember how long it lasted,but since then my body was constant vibrating at home,and sometimes it was like something beating inside.When it does, i took a video of it beating inside my hand. although it was unbelievable, i doubt alliens was experimenting on my body. this is not the whole of the event,but was what i can state here.

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