UFO Sighting in Sequim, Washington on 2017-07-29 21:50:00 – Extremely fast, altitude estimate 25,000 ft., blue/green light changed to white flash and disappeared

My wife and i were sitting in our hot tub. i saw something streaking through the sky at a high altitude. i spotted the object as soon as it became visible over my roof. the entire object was glowing blue/green and looked cigar-shaped. my wife was facing away from it and i yelled, “look” and point behind her. she turned an looked and she saw it when it turned white. she said the white light brightened and then disappeared. she had a different angle than me, so she could see it for a fraction of a second or so longer. the object was east of sequim, washington. it was a good distance from sequim and was probably over hood canal or closer. i haven’t seen anything move as fast as it did. it was in a straight path and didn’t change directions. it was only visible to us for 5 seconds or so. the glow was quite visible and caught my attention immediately. i hope others saw it.

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