UFO Journal Issue: “UFO Investigator”

Vol. 3, No. 9, August-September 1966 (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, Washington, D.C.) Source: CUFOS.org This issue contains the following articles: “HYNEK HITS UFO INVESTIGATION, CONFIRMS EVIDENCE,” “NEW REPORTS BY SPACE EXPERTS ADD TO UFO PROOF,” “Hammarskjold: UFOs Probably From Space,” “Intelligence Colonel Disputes Official Answers,” “Richard Harris Hall,” “Rep. Hutchinson Asks BlueBook Probe,” “The […]

Black Triangle Sighting in Cape Coral, Florida on 2017-07-23 00:00:00 – Me n my 11 year old watched this larger ship hiding behind cloud great a particle beam and release a smaller object under cloud wich hovers then takes of..I have pictures n video of this it’s mind blowing.The triangle larger ship hiding behind the cloud.

Driving down the street all the sudden i see a particle beam of sorts come pop out threw the cloud and realeased a small ufo so i was on my camera immediately catching this in video and pictures..As it hovered n flew away. there is a triangle larger ship hovering behind the beam n cloud […]

Jupiter is so big it does not actually orbit the sun

One of my daughter’s favorite books is “Space Walk” by Salina Yoon. Each page shows a planet accompanied by a rhyming factoid about it. But each time I read it to her — sometimes three or more times a day — I furrow my nerdy brow at this line: “Of all the planets that circle […]

25 photos that prove we’re all stowaways on a tiny, fragile spaceship

From the ground, Earth looks like a boundless fertile plain that beckons to be explored and exploited. But astronauts would beg — and even plead — to differ. “You realize that people often say, ‘I hope to go to heaven when I die,’” Jim Lovell, an astronaut who flew on the Apollo 8 and Apollo 13 missions to the moon, recently said. “In reality, if […]

WATCH: Satellite imagery shows hurricane-like whirlpools swirling in the atmosphere along the California coast

These intriguing features form regularly in the summer. They may look like mini-hurricanes — but looks are deceiving. From an airplane, they can look like all the world like mini-hurricanes swirling the clouds above the ocean off the California coast — whirlpools with eye-like features in the center. Check it out: @MFollowill hey weather guesser! Saw this flying […]

Stan Romanek’s Child Pornography Trial Begins Monday (7-31-17)

     A Loveland man, who gained fame for a documentary depiciting his experience with aliens, will attend on Monday for the possession and distribution of child pornography. […] By Haley CandelarioThe Rocky Mountain Collegian7-28-17 A report obtained by the Huffington Post indicates that Romanek was under investigation for child pornography since 2008. Homeland Security […]

UFO Triangle Reported To Have Released Orbs

     A Washington witness at Lummi reported watching a triangle-shaped object “as big as a house” that passed overhead, but hovered briefly while shooting orange-colored orbs to the ground level, according to testimony in Case 85309 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The witness was driving home from a casino at […]

10 gut-wrenching pleas from astronauts to save the Earth

From 250 miles up, astronauts have an unparalleled view of Earth. They can also easily see the devastating effects of climate change and pollution as they ravage the planet.That’s why past and present astronauts from around the world have contributed to a new video, called “Call to Earth,” that urges world leaders to take action. It’s […]

Old NSA Records Remain Inaccessible to Researchers

     Last year, the National Archives (NARA) acquired a large number of historically valuable National Security Agency records. But they remain inaccessible to researchers, at least for the time being. By Steven AftergoodSecrecy News7-17-17 David Langbart of NARA described the situation at a closed meeting of the State Department Historical Advisory Committee late last […]

New Zealand launches into space race with 3D-printed rocket

“Made it to space. Team delighted,” Rocket Lab said on its official Twitter account. The successful launch of a low cost, 3D-printed rocket is an important step in the commercial race to bring down financial and logistical barriers to space while also making New Zealand an unlikely space hub. The Los Angeles and New Zealand-based rocket firm […]