UFO Sighting in Argos, Indiana on 2017-09-01 02:02:00 – Seen creature then seen bright disk shaped object zoom away in a flash, i ran in fear, just happened i’m still shaking

Sitting on my chair in house relaxing my dog goes crazy i grab my phone thought somebody messing around my back yard started taking pics then i seen the tall thin creature with huge eyes, then see a bright disk shaped object flash away really bright white light… only had that feeling of extreme fear […]

UFO Sighting in Findlay, Illinois on 2017-08-21 00:00:00 – Watching meteor shower. meteor like streak however leaving a long light trail and not a straight line

10:30 on august 20th. 2017. lone point, lake shelbyville. my wife, daughter and son retire to bed. night before the eclipse. my oldest son and i decided it was a cool night with a light breeze. no bugs. stars were phenomenal. we set up chairs facing west northwest. beautiful unobstructed view of the stars. a […]

Views from space reveal the staggering extent of Harvey’s flooding – now confirmed as a 1-in-1,000-year event

As Harvey has lumbered to the northeast, the clouds have dissipated, finally giving satellites a clear view of what the 1,000-year flooding event in southeast Texas looks like. The animation above tells the tale. I created it using images acquired by NASA’s Terra satellite, the first on May 2nd, long before Harvey stormed ashore, and the second […]

Registration for the Fort Worth TX Event is Now Closed

I’ll be speaking in Fort Worth on Saturday, Sept 9. They have reached their capacity for registration, so registration is closed. That said, the organizer told me that some who have registered may not come (always happens), so you may still get a seat walking in. They also are giving consideration to an overflow room […]

Is It Time to Give Bug Burgers a Chance?

A Swiss supermarket is doing its part to get Westerners hooked on the eco-friendly superfood of the future: bugs. Coop is one of Switzerland’s largest food retailers with over 2,200 outlets throughout the country, and it operates as a co-op with some 2.5 million members. Recently, Coop started stocking bug burgers and bug balls (like […]

To Study Global Warming, Researchers Heated the Ocean Themselves

A perennial problem for climate science is that much of it lies in the realm of abstraction. Various models and forecasts compete for relevance, based on arcane statistical formulations that appear as so much gibberish to science reporters and readers alike. Well, rest easy, weary travelers — here’s a climate study that leaves the ponderous math behind in favor […]

Don’t Trust Animal Characters to Teach Your Kids Morals

Yes, Frog and Toad Are Friends, but they aren’t moral authorities for your children. That’s the finding of a new, fun-spoiling study on little kids and picture books. It found that kids learned a lesson about sharing from a book with human characters—but not from a book about a cute raccoon. Many children’s books, of course, feature animals […]

Looking for Space Aliens a Bit Closer to Home?

Astronomers believe it’s possible that advanced beings lived in or visited our solar system eons ago — and perhaps left behind certain ‘technosignatures.’      We’re used to the idea of searching for space aliens by scanning the heavens for their radio signals — after all, that’s what Jodie Foster’s character does in the 1997 […]

UFO Recorded By Couple Over North Jersey

A North Jersey wife and husband say that what they saw in the night sky was no optical illusion. Watch the video and see if you agree.      BAYONNE, NJ — Crystal Otero and her husband know what they saw in the Bayonne night sky last weekend. The “red, fireball like object” appeared in […]

No, NASA Isn’t Going to Drill to Stop Yellowstone from Erupting

Let’s cut to the chase: The purported NASA plan to “defuse” Yellowstone is pure science fiction. OK, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into the details of the numerous articles that have jumped all over what might best be termed a “thought experiment” by scientists at NASA. Yellowstone, the massive […]