UFO Sighting in Missouri on 2017-08-01 21:25:00 – Tiny nonblinking star type light flying horizontally emitting timed sequences of puffs of fire behind it. lit up a cloud when it moved behind it. military jets spotted as it disappeared searching the same area of sky. happened on/off for about 10mins.

We’ve been having a predator frequenting our land, killing animals right outside our home. my husband was walking our driveway in the dark, trying to detour any predators from stalking around our home. we live high upon a hill w/some wide open views of the sky on 36 acres, that’s when he seen it first. he rushed in the house, approx. 200 yards away from our front door, to get me. he said i had to come see this, his voice concerned. i rushed out the door w/him in the lead, telling me what he had seen, as we made our way to the clearing where he had seen it. there was nothing there at first, meanwhile he’s trying to describe what he seen. stood there long enough that i started asking questions. then it started again. not sure how high it was up but high enough it was above nearby clouds. it looked like a tiny, tiny star, moving and not blinking, moving in a horizontal direction. it was emitting these puffs of fire behind it (reminded me of the exhaust of rockets or space shuttles but they weren’t shooting down towards the ground, outward behind it)(they reminded me of the top of a nuclear bomb explosion, the rolling, flat cloud you see at the top) and they were short puffs not constant exhaust like w/a rocket, they seemed timed, puff then nothing then poof, every second or so between poofs, done in a sequence. it did this several times. the poofs were way bigger than the object emitting them, the star object looked not much bigger than a pin head in the sky, the poofs were the size of kidney beans in comparison. the tiny object shouldn’t have put off poofs that big. i was frightened, my eyes teared up and i knew whatever i was seeing was not supposed to be there or happening. i felt threatened, wanted to tell everyone i love that i loved them, i wasn’t too sure the end of the world wasn’t happening. it went behind some clouds and cast light behind and around the clouds, like a sunset. that’s when we noticed 2 military jets flying in the vicinity. the ufo didn’t emit anymore puffs after lighting up the cloud and we seen the planes. the planes continued flying in the area of the object for approx. 5 mins. after the object disappeared. you could tell they were looking for it.

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