UFO Sighting in Waterville, Quebec on 2017-08-01 00:00:00 – Orb like light met with cloud and dissipated

Was outside smoking with my friend on the balcony when we noticed a ball of ligth ascending to join a round cloud shape and merged into one and then the cloud (it looked like a mini cloud) but it was not a cloud, we could see like a round orb in it hovering, the light stopped but the small orb like cloud started moving again then stopped and it just dissipated like in thin air. we kept looking at the spot where it was but the small mini cloud and orb both vanished. we can’t explain what we saw, its impossible it was a plane or helicopter, it clearly merged with the cloud and the orb thing just got absorded by the cloud thing…. i don’t know what to think, but that was the strangest thing i’ve ever seen.

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