UFO Sighting in Thunder Bay, Ontario on 2017-08-02 23:45:00 – A misty looking orb with a misty halo with a white point of light either orbiting it or coming out the side. it was clear skys and could see the stars but not this object. it was like it was covered by a cloud but you could see that point of light

me my sister and my bf were at the bar. i only had half a beer by this point. about 11:45pm. clear skys as i was looking at the stars. i looked straight above me and seen this hazy orb with a halo around it moving north. it was kinda like a defused light but you could see it better if you werent looking straight at it. i pointed it out to my sis and bf and they seen it. so we were watching it and this point of white light that looked like a star started to come out the left side of it. we werent sure if it was orbiting it or coming out the side and dissapear. we pointed it out to other ppl and they saw it. i’m not gonna lie but i was seriously scared at this poiny because idk what this thing was and never seen it before in my life. my sister ran out the back door to get a better view of it and she said it seemed to slow down to stop but it kept going. it was about 11:55 before we lost site of it. i posted about it on fb and about an hour later was seen in geraldton (3 hour drive) and some of the northern reserves by many ppl. i drew a picture of what it looked like when i saw it from above and an actual photo someone took that was from geraldton.

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