UFO Sighting in Westborough, Massachusetts on 1965-02-13 00:00:00 – Foot prints away from house but not returning.

i was in bed asleep and my very large labrador retriever woke me up with his whining. so i leaned over the bed to pat hishead and the top of his head was soaking wet. still thinking that he must have to go out, i reached for my shoes and they were also soaking wet. nevertheless i took my dog to the front door (actually had to coerce him) and was about to open it when he began to cower behind me, but i opened the door anyway and began to nudge him out the door, but he would have none of it and was trembling all over, and still whining. i implored him to go out, but he wouldn’t go.. then i saw something that caused me much concern. there was about an inch to an inch and a half of new snow on the sidewalk and lawn. and there were footprints leading from the front door to the edge of the road. the road was also covered in snow. the foot prints were mine and the dog’s footprints right beside mine. how could that be as we hadn’t been out after the snowfall.The footprints led out but did not return and yet my dog and i were still inside the house. and there was just the one set of foot and paw prints going out . . . . but none coming back!! there was no other way back into the house. we would have thad to come back the exact same way. as i stood there puzzled and my dog still cowering behind me,i looked across the road where there was a very large empty field. against the sky but touching the earth was a “green” haze-like something or other, ever since then (and i am now 80, i have tried to reproduce that color by mixing craft paints, and by looking for objects with that same color, and i’ve never been able to reproduce it. i took my stil-whining dog back inside and went back to bed but pulled up the window shade so i could see outside
the green was still there and cast an eerie light in the room. my husband was asleep beside me and i so wanted to wake him out but didn’t. as i lay there watching the green it drifted off and maybe i would have forgotten about after awhile, but i never could because of the one-way footprints in the snow. since i felt compelled not to tell anyone, my solution was to
see what i could find out on my own which eventually led me to the subject of ufo’s, and not too long after that other incidents in our town. i worked at a residential school that had about seven cottages for the various age groups. and one early morning around daylight we had a call from one of the other cottages regarding their ongoing sighting of a ufo
at the back of their building they and all the other students were observing it. that’s another long story, the end of which brought them some kind of official visit (government i think) in which they all had to sign a paper vowing never to talk about what they had seen. i’ve never told anyone any of this and have left out other details. i didn’t feel safe and i did feel compelled not to talk about it. i felt always in danger about what would happen to me if i did. what i’ve said here so far is in many ways just the tip of the iceberg. nevertheless, i feel a little more unburdened from having kept this in for such a very long time.

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