UFO Sighting in Austin, Texas on 1979-06-10 21:00:00 – A disc uncloked over the deep end near hippy hollow, and moved over to the bank near us, turned on a bright light and ziz zaged over the lake, and went stright up.

June of 1979 at lake travis near austin,texas. a friend, and i were on motor cycles, and it was about 9 pm,and totally dark. just as we put down the kick stands a large disc uncloaked, or came from a higher dimension over the lake. it moved over to the bank about 50 yards to the west right by one of the light poles, and just above the pole. it was silver with green, and orange lights near the edges of the disc, and rotated counter clock wise. it hovered for a few seconds as we stared in shock. it then lit a very bright light in the center of the bottom, and moved out over the lake at about 4,000 miles an hour, and zig zaged over the lake a the same speed, and then shot up, and left the light on, and it looked like a star. the total time was about 10 minutes or less. many other people have seen a disc there, and it seems to still be visiting from time to time too.

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