UFO Sighting in Rockville, Maryland on 2017-08-03 20:54:00 – Saw light round like circle or moon outside my living room window and light brand emitted out around but emitted different from top vs. the bottom. it moved around then stayed stationary for approx. 45 minutes, then finally disappeared,this is not first t

I was watching t.V. about muon and u.F.O.In my living room (but i’ve seen this same object several times before in same location).I noticed it because saw a round like up structure. it moved around back and forth left to right then stood still for about 45 minutes.My reaction was o.K. because i’ve seen this several times before and was not as scared as i was first time i saw it. also i dont stare at iy anymore, after the other time when it hit my eye and hurt it previously.Also the previous times it moved very quickly back and forth, then disappeared and shortly after reappeared. one time i looked straight at it for a long time and a very strong beam if light hit my left eye and i have never felt such ibtense pain before-i got scared and thought i may go blind. i went to doctor for eye visit and tgey said you a a big mole in back of your eye-which i was never told that before.Alost always happens at night time while i’m watching t.V.I glanced at it non-stop every now and then and realized it didn’t disappear until 45 minutes later.I finally took 10 pictures of it many from me still sitting on my sofa and some standing up. again i’m not sure if it’s a u.F.O. but i think that it is and i have photos to submit for you (mufon) to be the judge of that.

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