UFO Sighting in South Daytona, Florida on 2017-08-03 21:40:00 – Several unexplained orbs flying in close proximity, one at a time, hovering and slowly flying north and vanishing

I was in my family room watching tv.

i noticed strange reddish lights in the distance.

i knew something seemed unusual about these lights. we have an aeronautical university about 5 miles away, and i often see planes in the same general vicinity and about the same height as these objects were, but they never looked like this, so i went out on my back porch to see them better.

when i first saw them, i suspected they were ufo’s since they looked like nothing i’d ever seen before.

at first there were 4 of these orb like, glowing reddish orange things in the sky. they had moved from west to east and as they did so, they hovered in two rows of two, close to each other. then, as i watched, one by one more of them started coming up. as the others rose to the same height, the first ones began to fly away slowly. they moved in a curved pattern. as they headed north, they vanished. it was as if the lights just went dim. they seemed to be moving slowly, but in a matter of seconds they had gone from looking large to very tiny, and then just disappeared. there was no sound. i thought perhaps it was someone playing with friends with drones or something, but the things just didn’t look like drones, airplanes or anything else familiar. they were round to teardrop shaped- almost like a fat bottomed egg. all were about the same size and all glowed the same. there seemed to be almost a handle effect over them. the “handles” on top were slightly lighter and more blurry than the bottoms. i couldn’t discern any exterior lights as the entire things were glowing. they were deliberate in movement- not choppy or irregular. they almost gave the feeling of candles in bags floating in the air, except they were too bright, not the right shape and the way they moved was as if there was a deliberate path, curving up from a lower point, heading east, then stopping, hovering in formation, and curving northwest for a second, and then north, in single file until they went out like a match being blown out! if it had been drones, there would have been noise. no noise at all. no engine sounds. a small plane was in the sky heading north as they were going out of sight.

i watched until they simply disappeared. it was very strange. i wanted to grab my camera, but knew if i did, i could miss it. the thing i thought was the most odd was that even though they seemed to be moving very slowly and gracefully, they went from being quite large and hovering in a pattern two over another two, and as they drifted away, they seemed to become very small very quickly, though they didn’t appear to be going fast at all. oddest thing i ever saw!

i am uploading a rough sketch of what i saw.

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