Black Triangle Sighting in Gadsden, Alabama on 2017-08-04 00:00:00 – Small light resembling a star began to move in a zig zag pattern. later the object appeared to form a triangular pattern.

I was at home, sitting on the tailgate of my truck smoking a cigar. my wife joined me after her shower. as she sat down we laid back in the bed of the truck to look at the stars. we saw a few shooting stars and were quite amazed. as we sat and talked about constellations i noticed one of the stars appeared to get brighter. i pointed it out to my wife and as soon as she noticed it as well it began to move in irregular patterns. it would move up, down, side to side and then in a zig zag pattern. after a moment it would become stationary again. the longer we watched we noticed two other starlike lights were moving with it. the two new lights weren’t nearly as bright as the first, but seemed to be equidistant forming a perfect triangle. we continued to watch in amazement. as one light moved the other moved in unison, same speed and same direction, leading us to believe they were attached. but as they continued to dance and move they began to move independently of one another. at first i was having a hard time believing what we were seeing. we watched for approx 2 hours before going to bed. after the first hour the movements became less abrupt almost to the point it seemed to become stationary for long periods of time.

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