UFO Sighting in Chino Valley, Arizona on 2017-07-24 18:08:00 – Video surveillance, super sonic, flew above building and then behind clouds, the reappears briefly, straight line.

This was video from a security surveillance system in chino valley, az, usa. we were watching it for another reason, when we noticed a strange object fly across the sky at an amazing speed.

the view is to the north-northwest and the object appears to fly in a straight line from the southeast to the northwest. it appears above the eve of the building, travels into and behind the clouds, then reappears for a moment before going behind the trees.

we were in the building at the time and did not hear anything. one person i spoke with said that he heard a story about something he couldn’t explain in the sky, “the other day”, but i was unable to speak with the person personally. any thoughts are welcome.

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