UFO Sighting in Over cantral farm (l12), on 2017-08-06 03:50:00 – 2nights on the run it wasn’t hovering bright light an for over time acended an door disappeared.

The past two nights on the run from 3am london times till just before sunrise the space craft hovers above the building but you can tell it’s quiet far out but seems so close. the ufo looks very bright in colour and looks to me like 2 bright orb-like circles separating then forming back together on top of one another with a mist od glitter surrounding it like a aura of diamond then on another picture taken it turns into a disc of bright like then snap another picture again and it in another shape,then i began to video and the camera kept loosing focus as if the ufo was interfering with my phone video camera but allowing me to take pictures. then over then next few hoursbits slowly moves higher and higher then you turn away and look back and it’s gone asif it knew i was watching but didn’t want to just take off. the first night i took the pictures and attempted the video it felt like my body from toes to head was being scanned but no light or anything was around me. it fel like you put two side of a magnet together met and it repels from another and crazy sensation like. well that all mai lu will keep you updated if i see it again. also another time me and my boyfriend at 6/7 am in the morning brought morning daylight me and him seen two bright light zooming across the sky in doffent direction at a very high speed and was so bright as if the sun was reflecting off it. then magically dossapeared in different directions.

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