UFO Sighting in Newton, New Hampshire on 2017-07-05 03:00:00 – It was bright, red, triangular, glowing, sort of slow, and made this jet like noise

I was up late doing some stuff for work when i heard what i thought to be a jet even though it did sound a tad odd, however, at the time i didn’t really think anything of it. i go to the window like i usually do when i hear a plane of any sort and look up to see this bright red glowing triangle-like thing. i’ve been into aviation for a couple of years now and it’s formed into a nice hobby, and i can positively say that was not any type of plane that i’ve ever seen. for one, if it was a jet then it was going incredibly slow for one and was pretty close to the ground, and two, i’ve never seen a jet that shape and being lit up like…That. so naturally i was pretty shocked, so i watched the thing b lining across the sky and i got my self to take my eyes off the thing and managed to snap a photo of it (which didn’t come out too great but i’ll attach it anyways. it’s near the center top-ish). i then watched it go off into the distance.

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