UFO Sighting in Tipp City, Ohio on 2017-08-06 01:00:00 – Red orange object turned to bright white color and went all black desended to the ground came back 4 times in the same way every time

On sunday 1am to 1:30 am i was drinking a beer sitting outside enjoying the nice calm and cool night. as i went walking to the front porch i noticed a very big bright red orange light from behind the house i stopped started to see what it was and i could tell it was close enough to hear if it was a regular aircraft but it was silent.I watched it basically burn out and i seen a silhouette of it descending straight down on the out skirts of town where the corn fields are. then all of a sudden it came back a second time did exactly the same thing traced its steps then bout 5 min later it replayed a third time 5 min later a forth time. so i took pics and videos of what i had seen. a lil bit later after the sightings had stopped i took off to the corn field areas but seen nothing.

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