Pilot Spots UFO Near Boston, Inceptors Scrambled! | UFO CHRONICLE – 1954

Pilot Sights Flying Disk - Daily News (New York) 6-2-1954

     Pilot sights a “Flying Disk,” a “large white, disk-like object” was sighted near Boston and kept in view for a full 10 minutes in plain daylight yesterday morning by a TWA Paris-to-New York air-liner ….
Daily News
(New York)

Capt. Kratovil spotted the object first at about 9:30 am when he arrived at International Air Port here he reported that he received word back that a flight of jets had been sent aloft. Pilots of the jets saw the object when they reached 10,000 ft and according to the message from Boston, said it appeared to be “about 10,000 ft above us and climbing very fast.”

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