UFO Sighting in Morrison, Colorado on 2017-08-06 14:15:00 – I didn’t see the object until i got home and looked at the pictures i had taken from my camera phone

We have just moved to colorado and wanted to visit the red rocks area. on the way to the amphitheatre, i had the passenger side window rolled-down and i was taking pictures from my cell phone. i was taking random pictures of the mountains in the distance, because i liked the way the clouds were hanging over the mountains. it wasn’t until we got home and i was looking through all of our pictures that i noticed a very bizarre looking circular object in one of our pictures. i zoomed out on the picture and all i could say was,”what is that?” i sent the picture to my daughter and to another friend, who is interested in the unknown and they both said i need to inquire about this. i’m very curious about what this could be. i did not take this picture because i saw the object, but after seeing what i caught on my camera, i’m glad i did not actually witness this object, because this caught me off guard and caused me to gasp.

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