UFO Sighting in Neosho, Missouri on 2017-08-07 21:00:00 – Flight of 20 ufo’s

I observed at first only one after closing up for the evening, 9:00 is when i noticed the first one, very bright and starting to turn toward the south, they all came from the same location but came into view at different times, the sighting lasted approx. 35 minutes and was viewed from a total of three different vantage points, at times there were 5 in view, all moving west and then south and gaining altitude before they were out if sight. the objects were a bright orange and they pulsated, all were alike in size and color, i was filming with an iphone to capture what i was watching. i was amazed there were so many, all following the same flight path. and at 10:30 i saw another traveling south and accelerating out of sight.

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